The story behind Cornish Sea Salt is too good to not give you all the detail…!

The original founder, Tony Fraser, came across an Iron Age salt works in a remote cove on the south coast of Cornwall and found himself wondering why such an essential element of the county’s farming and pilchard industry had died out? Because rock salt had become an easier way of harvesting the mineral.

As a direct result, in 2008, Cornish Sea Salt was set up. Production is still inspired by the original methods of harvesting the goodness of the ocean, but these days it is sustainable and ecologically sound.

This would be one of the very few sea salt industries harvesting from open waters, more specifically the protected waters of the Atlantic lapping at the shores of The Lizard, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Beneath the beauty is a totally unique geographical environment, which defines the taste and high mineral content of our sea salt. Serpentine, once so sought after in the Victorian era, and gabbro, are both rich in magnesium and calcium, two of the key minerals in our sea salt and essential to life on earth.

We use Cornish (as we affectionately call it) on the seasoning trays all around the kitchen – it’s a complete staple of ours.

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