Dynamic Vines is an independent natural wines merchant that has built a strong reputation importing organic & bio-dynamic wines.

We have a varied wine list, sourcing from around 15 different wine suppliers; Dynamic bring us some fantastic wines, mainly from France, but also a couple of beautiful bottles from Austria. Everything we take from them comes direct from the winemakers themselves.

Dynamic source wines that reflect a place of birth: the soil, the climate and their people. We believe that wine is made in the vineyard rather than in the winery, therefore, most of our producers are growing their vines naturally.

We feel that biodynamic and organic agriculture enhance the unique ‘sense of place’ because there are no elements added to the soil, plants and wine to interfere with nature and create a standardized style of wine.

Here are a few of our favorite winemakers, that we source from Dynamic …

Gut Oggau, Austria

Chateau Le Puy, Bordeaux

Domaine du Souch, Jurancon

Henri Milan, Provence


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