We began planting in the pub garden in 2015, starting with herb gardens and the Millard Orchard (named after our favourite local, Bruce, who was born in the pub and joined us once or twice a day for a pint and a half of ale and maybe a nip of whisky). Over the years the garden has developed – in 2016 the polytunnel and beds were planted. In 2018 we shipped in 60 metric tonnes of mushroom compost and created more no dig beds in the field next door to the pub. Tim, the gardener, plants, cultivates and nourishes a range of fantastic vegetables, fruits, salad leaves and more – most of which goes straight to the chefs and onto the plates of our guests.

We practice the 'no-dig' method in all our beds and the benefits abound!

Tim the Gardener

Tim ‘no-dig’ Jones is the man, the magician, who calls our garden his home. He is so darned passionate and we’re really fortunate to have some one who can dedicate his time, energy and love to the garden.

You can take a peek at his Instagram here …

And we’d recommend it, it’s a great feed!

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Tim ‘no-dig’ Jones | The no-dig bed that we planted in summer 2018 | Sunflowers drying inside the poly-tunnel

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