A building steeped in history, set amongst the rolling hills of the Chew Valley farm land, The Pony & Trap has been a country pub for centuries serving the villages of Newtown and Chew Magna. In 2006, the Eggleton family arrived and over the years have kept the idyll of the pub and built it into a nationally recognised restaurant with a glowing reputation.

Under the direction of siblings Josh (Chef) and Holly (General Manager) the pub has picked up a number of awards including a Michelin star which was first awarded in 2011, and still holds today.



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Our priorities are making sure that the food is delicious and the hospitality has to be warm, friendly & informed

Over the last decade (and some) we’ve constantly strived to learn, develop and improve our offering. Above all else, making food taste the best it possibly can has been our overriding aim.

Winslow (Josh’s dog) has been instrumental in this process – okay that’s not true at all, but he has been great for team morale.

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The History

Located in the small hamlet of Newtown on the outskirts of Chew Magna, The Pony & Trap is a 200 year old pub set just 8 miles from Bristol and 11 miles from Bath.

Formerly known as The Rising Sun the pub has had a colourful past with many landlords tending the bar through the years. Having been the mainstay of the local community for generations, The Pony & Trap today remains the local watering hole for local farmers, residents and walkers alike, while also attracting diners from further afield.

Many of our locals have seen the pub develop and change over the years and none more so than local farmer, Bruce Millard. Bruce was born upstairs in the pub and claims to have been in the pub near enough every day since for a pint. The orchard out the back of the pub is named after him, in his memory.

The Team