We are opening a second restaurant in South Bristol! And the original, the flagship, the headquarters, The Pony & Trap (Chew Magna) is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2021.

The time that we have been closed for has allowed us to take The Pony & Trap to Breaking Bread, the pop-up restaurant on Clifton Downs, which as we mention it, us, Pasta Loco & Team Love are all scheming to bring it back bigger and better for next year too!

Of course we also had a foray into The Pony & Trap at Home as well as the Cook alongs with Josh Eggleton – both of which may make a return this Christmas. Do please get in touch if you would like information about this direct to your email inbox.

At The Pony & Trap, as ever, we are working to invigorate our offering and keep things fresh and exciting there. Our re-opening is set for early 2021. The specifics we are keeping quiet on for now … but trust us, it’s all very exciting.

As we have mentioned, we have also taken on a new pub, The Queens, in the heart of Chew Magna. A spot that most of our locals will know about already, for anyone that doesn’t, it’s a proper village pub; quaint, charming, comforting – just the spot you want to pop to for a pint after work, a quick pie & mash for tea, or a really decent Sunday roast. We are converting the upstairs and the skittle alley into rooms – once complete we’ll have four lush double bedrooms for people visiting Chew Valley, or if you have guests staying and not enough beds at yours! This project had been in the pipeline long before (*whispers*) covid… but it has given us a good opportunity to crack on with it.

As for The Pony North Street, well, this one came about rather suddenly, and it was an opportunity too good to miss. We are working on getting it open quicksmart, as, unlike the higgledy-piggledy nooks and crannies of The Pony & Trap, the North Street site is large enough to welcome guests with all the proper covid safety precautions in place.

Well… more on that one later (but not too much later!)

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